Rabbit Dances

This is where we record some of our  "Rabbit Dances".

This is by no means all we have done as we help everyday we can, but a small showing of what we have accomplished so far.

Donated Computers to Teachers and students. (On going project. Hope to soon be supplying several a year to local school students and teachers. (See updates below)

We are taking the Secret Santa project to an everyday setting. We have been supplying random payments to those who have caught our eye.

Gave a mobile home to someone who needed a home.

Gave a truck to someone whose ride died and they couldn't afford another. Bonus: They can now work with it!

Gave tools to someone needing an opportunity to start their own business.

Found another person to gift a car to.

On Going Projects: Free computer repair for students and teachers. Free tech support to non-profits when needed.


Working with community centers installing computer labs.

Building a new tech center at a new community center.


Make a Free Website with Yola.