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New Site, New Name!

Posted by Head Rabbit on Sunday, March 23, 2014,
As we ready our new site for summer activity it also has a new name. YEAH8 (Youth, Education, Arts and Health). Our Facebook site is YEAH8.org. We are working on outside funding, but as always, help from Dancing Rabbits is free. We will be running the tech side of the program as well as helping out wherever else we can.

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Sometimes the People in need are closer than you think.

Posted by Head Rabbit on Friday, March 14, 2014,
We found out one of our friends was in need but didn't want to share the burden. Shame on her!
Now she can return the borrowed car as she will have a replacement car.
Find a need, Fill a need.

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New Center being built!

Posted by Head Rabbit on Friday, March 14, 2014,
  We're Back!
  We have found some new backers and are working on our summer program again. The new site is much bigger than our last one and the owner is aligned with our desire to build a permanent community center for the city.
  The new site has two indoor basketball courts as well as a lot of room for the other programs.
  This year we will be working with two different sets of LEGOs (one designed for smaller kids the WeDo, and the new EV3 Mindstorms for the older kids) along with the Ras...
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