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Raspberry Pi Board

Posted by Head Rabbit on Thursday, September 22, 2011,
This is the alpha board from Raspberry Pi. As you can see it has all the ports needed in a very compact form. It has HDMI, analog video, sound, USB connectors and an Ethernet port plus an SD card slot on the back side.

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Progress Report

Posted by Hed Rabbit on Thursday, September 22, 2011,
Great news! The PI will be open sourced. That means we will be able to build it here with no licensing issues.
All the drawings and spects will be available for the build.
I was considering adding a USB hub to the computer to extend the accessory connections, but my wife (Mom Bunny), suggested we incorperate it into a keyboard. This was a great idea and I am looking into this as well as trying to find one with a touch pad in it. All it would need from that point is an HDMI TV and a power plug t...
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Ideas for project

Posted by Head Rabbit on Wednesday, September 21, 2011,
We are working on a plan to get ultra low cost computers to under privileged school kids.
The heart of this project is to utilize a pocket sized computer being developed by the Raspberry P1 engineering group in England. At this point in time they have an alpha version of the board and are in testing mode. Hopes are that it will be finalized later this year or early next year.

You can visit the site at raspberrypi.org for more information.

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