New Site, New Name!

March 23, 2014
As we ready our new site for summer activity it also has a new name. YEAH8 (Youth, Education, Arts and Health). Our Facebook site is YEAH8.org. We are working on outside funding, but as always, help from Dancing Rabbits is free. We will be running the tech side of the program as well as helping out wherever else we can.

Sometimes the People in need are closer than you think.

March 14, 2014
We found out one of our friends was in need but didn't want to share the burden. Shame on her!
Now she can return the borrowed car as she will have a replacement car.
Find a need, Fill a need.

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New Center being built!

March 14, 2014
  We're Back!
  We have found some new backers and are working on our summer program again. The new site is much bigger than our last one and the owner is aligned with our desire to build a permanent community center for the city.
  The new site has two indoor basketball courts as well as a lot of room for the other programs.
  This year we will be working with two different sets of LEGOs (one designed for smaller kids the WeDo, and the new EV3 Mindstorms for the older kids) along with the Ras...
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Bummer's Ville!

November 2, 2013
Our Community Center has closed down. The church donating the building decided to UN-donate it. We are looking at grants that will allow us to build our own site on land I own as well as another location. This might take awhile. The plus side would be that we would not be subjected to someone else's wimsey if we could build here. We are also looking for some buildings that can be moved here to work from while we try for the center. I am hoping for a building big enough to have basketball in. ...
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New Project

June 8, 2013
As usual doing anything with a government body is a hassle. The two City run Community Centers are running into red tape. The good news is that a church based Community Center found me and we are setting up a computer lab and starting a robotics class. The lab is almost done with all the computers up and running and the Robotics kids will see the program Monday.
On another note both email accounts went belly up for some reason. The new one is dancingrabbiys@live.com
It's working at present.

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Hungry Children

December 9, 2012
We heard of a child in the school system who was crying about not having eaten because they had no food. We tracked down the little girls address and delivered them a box of food to last them at least a week while they got aid started. We received this from her.

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More Changes

November 10, 2012
Due to changes in finances and health issues our project to give away free RasberryPI computers is on hold.
However we have found a different way to accomplish our main goal. We will be working with local community centers and setting up computer labs for the kids to use. Right now we have two we are working with and hope to have one of the labs running in a month or two.

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Change in agenda

May 20, 2012
This month was suppose to be the main start-up for Dancing Rabbits. But as often happens if life, things do not always go as planned. The capital we were planning to use for projects is being rerouted for a bit. Our daughter has decided on going back to college (out of state) and it appears we will be supporting her and taking care of our grandson for a while. As we will be paying most of the tuition (this way she isn't saddled with a lot of debt coming out of college), and taking care of her...
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December 17, 2011
When we first started this one of our goals was to carry prepaid gift cards around to pass out when we saw a need. In the news this week are reports of Secret Santa's who are paying off lay-aways and other like deeds. This is what Dancing Rabbits is all about. We applaud these people though they may never know. Our plan is to take this to the next level and make it a year long activity. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ya'll.

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Back of new board

December 8, 2011

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